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Fitting Instructions

Blinds with Side Control Chain

Fitting the Brackets

The bracket positions illustrated are for a blind with the control chain on the right hand side of the blind. For a blind with the control chain on the left, the brackets should be at the opposite ends. Brackets can be top, side or face fixed to any flat surface. They must be level to ensure the smooth operation of the blind. Check that the rolled up fabric will not touch any surface. To calculate the spacing between the brackets, add 35mm ( I 3/a") to the width of the blind fabric. Fix the brackets so that the outsides of the brackets are this distance apart.

Before fixing the brackets, first measure the distance between the outside edges of the brackets by placing the complete blind in the brackets (see fitting diagrams below) and holding it tight in position. Add 2mm to this dimension to allow play for ease of operation.

Mark the position of the first bracket, then measure the distance referred to above (including the 2mm tolerance) to five the position of the second bracket. Fix the brackets as indicated above. The brackets can be face, side or top fixed. They must be level to ensure the smooth operation of the blind.

Instruction Images

Fitting the Blinds

Before the blind is placed in the brackets, insert the small plastic pin/locking plate into the end of the roller blind with the round hole. Carefully holding the blind at both ends, lift it up to the brackets and fit the chain mechanism onto the flat pin of Bracket A

At the other end of the blind, push the square part of the plastic locking plate into Bracket B until the locating button clicks into the notch at the front of Bracket B. To reverse the process to take the blind down, push the locating button out of the notch using a small screwdriver blade and then slide the plastic locking plate out of the bracket.

Instruction Images

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